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Seeking Marketing Coach Collaborator


I’m looking to collaborate with another awesome Strategic Marketing Expert who has Coaching/Consulting Experience.

Is that you, or someone you know? Awesome!
Read on & let’s get this party started…

You have your strengths, I have mine…

I have over 18 years of experience in business, blogging, social/online marketing, ecommerce, etc… but as I step further into my genius of emotional support, embodied leadership, and spiritual guidance, I would like to bring on some online marketing & sales coaches to join my team!

My specialty is working with those who feel a deep calling or gift coming through them, and through my Emotional and Strategic Support, we work together to birth their big ideas; making an impact in people’s lives while growing their businesses online.

Due to my many years in business (old school internet geek, OG blogger, and Designer/Developer), and being a Business Coach & Consultant for 20+ years, I know online marketing REALLY well.

However, my TRUE genius & passion is in guiding entrepreneurs through Embodied Leadership: Helping you get out of your own way, shift your mindset and behaviors, and get off (what I call) ‘The Hamster Wheel of Not Enough’ so that you can own your gifts, align your actions & flourish in your calling! (This is what my upcoming book is all about, and this post is me walking my talk of Doubling Down on my own Genius! 😉)

To be clear, my work is high-level emotional & strategic guidance and support for (relatively) seasoned entrepreneurs; those who have been in business for a while. And while they may still need some support shoring up some Foundational bits in their business…they’re headed towards Momentum and Expansion in their business, and they are ready for the next level Emotional & Strategic support to get them there!

What I’m looking for in YOU…

I’m seeking an *experienced* Marketing Coach to join me in coaching/supporting the clients in my group program!

Most importantly you must be savvy with conversion-based marketing for online business owners and visionaries who are building communities and sharing their message with the world through courses, video, writing, etc.

NOTE: I primarily serve women in my groups, therefore I’d like to partner with another brilliant human who also identifies as a woman.  

Personality & Perspectives

  • You’re a good communicator and have had successful partnerships or collaborations in the past.
  • You have a great sense of humor and love helping people.
  • You may not be skilled or interested in offering mindset/emotional/spiritual support… yet you know how valuable and crucial it is in growing a business!
  • You value ethical marketing and quality service.
  • You’re clear on your strengths/weaknesses, so you’re not overpromising and under-delivering.
  • You’re organized and detail-oriented.
  • You have your life & business sh*t together. 😉

Client Focus

  • You’ve been working with holistic, spiritual, or creative entrepreneurs… which means you’re aware of how their minds/hearts work and the challenges that come with this.
  • You’re crazy passionate about online marketing, which means you’re constantly learning, so you’re on the cutting edge.
  • You favor tactics that are smart and efficient vs complex (e.g. most don’t need a whole website, they need a compelling offer/landing page/funnel).
  • You know how to keep clients focused vs distracted or doing things they really don’t need to focus on in order to move the needle. Less is more!
  • You know business & how to make compelling offers in order to guide clients on how to get wins fast.
  • Savvy with systems that support small business owners.
  • You willing to review & make suggestions on client’s sales copy for landing/sales pages, emails, offers, or ads.
  • You potentially can also help with implementation or we can develop a pool of people we recommend/refer.

Partnership Vision

  • You have been longing to partner/collaborate and feel like this post was made for you!
  • You’re excited to collaborate with a coach who already has a full program offering.
  • You’re willing to collaborate on creating training materials that will continue to live and be a part of my brand & program.
  • You’re interested in investing and working for a revenue share (percentage will depend on involvement/contribution). We can also discuss having this be a paid position, but I’d like to find someone who’s ready to partner and invest in this in such a way that they are excited about the potential revenue share way more than just getting paid a set amount.

Technical Marketing Savviness

You’re aware of various business models & income streams, e.g.

  • service-based 1:1 coaching or consulting (boutique) – online or offline
  • group coaching, online programs/courses, membership sites and/or masterminds
  • speaking, workshops & retreats
  • making money with content, including articles + blogs, youtube, podcasts, etc
  • affiliates & JV

Savvy with Conversion Based Marketing / eCommerce for Digital Products & Services:

  • Branding
  • Funnels
  • Growing mailing lists
  • Effective Landing & Sales pages
  • Sales copy & conversions
  • eCourses
  • Launches & Rolling Enrollment
  • Making offers
  • $ales $ales $ales
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Facebook, FB Groups, FB Lives, FB Ads
    • Pinterest
    • Instagram, Stories & IGTV
    • YouTube
    • Twitter, etc

I want to reiterate that it’s important to me that I find someone who favors tactics that are smart and efficient vs complex (e.g. most don’t need a whole website, but they DO need a compelling offer that’s going to lead to quick wins & sustainable growth).

A huge priority in my programs is keeping my clients focused in order to move the needle. Less is more! Iteration over perfection!

Time Zone Requirement

You must be available for calls starting at 8am PT. You don’t have to live in America, but you have to be available during US time zone working hours.


Awesome. Get in touch & let’s talk! Please complete the form below.
I’ll be reviewing submissions and contacting you for video interviews to say hello and explore further.

  • Another website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • If this is your base, but you travel a lot, tell me about that.
  • I'd love to hear about clients you’ve worked with, other collaborations you've had, or projects you’ve worked on.
  • Are you comfortable giving presentations and on camera? Are you OK with reviewing copy & giving feedback on sales pages, etc?