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Seeking Content Marketing Manager

Hello! I’m seeking a Content Marketing Manager, based in East Asia/Hong Kong/Australia, to assist and support me, and a few of my clients, in our content marketing efforts. Is that you, or someone you know? Awesome! Read on & let’s get this party started…

Location, Budget & Availability

These are crucial factors for both of us, so let’s tackle this first.

  • You work remotely, based somewhere in East Asia/Hong Kong/Australia
    I work with clients around the world, and hire contractors in various locations around the world, but for this particular role I am seeking an East Asia/Hong Kong/Australia time zone alignment. You may be based in one location, or you may travel around this area. The key is that you’re primarily in this general time zone, so we may easily communicate, collaborate and get work done within the same working day.
  • Budget
    $20-$35USD/hr, depending on experience. Hourly tracking is preferred, so we may all be aware of how long tasks take. However, billing on a retainer for a set number of hours per month is a great way for all of us to manage expectations, availability and budget.
  • Part-time, contract position to start
    Seeking freelance contractors who are willing to work hourly or on retainer.
    Minimum would be ~20 hours/month to start and grow from there. Mind you, there are already two of us (see more under the about me/us section below), and I have a few entrepreneurs interested in who I find, so this could quickly grow to a solid part-time or full-time opportunity for the right person.

Who You Are + Who We’re Looking For

This is not a position for your average VA or assistant. This is more of a manager role, in the sense that you’ll be managing projects, working directly with me and my clients, and overseeing the plan, creation and implementation of our content marketing efforts.

We’re looking for independent thinkers, self-starters, and those who are passionate and motivated to do GREAT work. Here are some more specifics for who we’re looking for:

  • Proficient Writer/Copywriter/Copyeditor
    • Speaks & writes in fluent English
    • Able to match voice/style
    • Excellent grammar (strong feelings about commas and semicolons are welcome)
    • Experienced/Knowledgable about writing for conversion and monetization (e.g. emails & sales pages)
  • Professional & Personable
    • Great client communication via email and phone or video meetings, for brainstorming, strategy calls & collaboration
    • Positive attitude, easy-going (no drama), with a sense of humor & a willingness to learn
    • Values marketing with heart and integrity vs spammy/salesy tactics
  • Savvy & Experienced in Online Marketing
    • Developing and maintaining Content Calendars (we currently use Trello and are happy to train you on this, unless you have a superior system you prefer)
    • Social Media – of course! This isn’t exactly a Social Media Management role, but it is key for you to be aware of how Social Media plays a role in Content Marketing. e.g. Knowing how to extend/maximize content across platforms (websites, newsletters, social media, etc). If Social Media Management is your jam, as well, let us know.
    • You have a knack for seeing creative ways to maximize engagement & develop profitable, scalable opportunities
    • SEO + Aware of Content-Structure for both search engine and human readability
  • Tech Savvy for Hands-On Implementation
    • Experienced and Comfortable with platforms like WordPress & Squarespace, GoogleDocs, MailChimp, and Trello, as you’ll be:
      • Writing/Drafting/Editing/Posting Blog Posts & Pages
      • Updating documents (Google Docs, Word or PDFs)
      • Writing/Drafting/Editing Newsletter Campaigns (MailChimp, Convertkit or other EMS)
      • Creating/Editing Facebook Posts or Events, etc.
    • On the cutting edge, or at minimum a quick learner for getting up to speed, with the latest marketing tools & systems that may be integrated into our workflow
    • Knows how to get a great image to pair with content and even knows how to create simple text-on-photo style graphics (using Canva or something similar is fine)
  • Skilled & Experienced Project Manager
    • Knows how to work focused & efficiently (start small & scrappy and scale as the business grows)
    • Responsive and communicative
    • Great at clarifying objectives, i.e. what’s the timeline, draft to review or publish immediately, etc.
    • Can create and manage Content Calendar
    • Familiar with online task/project management and collaboration
    • Detail oriented and proficient in QA (Quality Assurance) – you check and double-check your work to make sure it’s done right
  • You have your business sh*t together
    • Responsible about tracking time and regularly invoicing
    • You have your invoicing and billing/accounting systems set-up
    • Clear on your strengths/weaknesses, so you’re not overpromising and under-delivering
    • You know how to manage expectations with clients and colleagues, should your availability change and/or you need to reset a commitment
    • Bonus if you have a great eye/skill for graphic design! If so, please expand on this in your email and share examples.
    • Bonus if you have FB Ads or other marketing with ads experience.

Don’t have some of the above, but you’re still super interested?

Cool! Tell us more about that when you apply. Ultimately personality fit, a great attitude and the ability to show up, do the work and learn fast is going to be #1. So, if you’re ready to make it happen with this – awesome, let’s talk!


Who Would You Be Working With?

willo_circleI’m a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur who does a lot of writing, speaking, workshops, ecourses & videos. You can learn more about me here, and see examples of my work here.

As a Conscious Business Coach, I serve and support Creative, Visionary Entrepreneurs around the world, many of whom also need your services! In fact, I already have a Hong Kong client ready and waiting (an Australian whose business is focused on fashion, jewelry, and wine). I’d like to find someone who is potentially available to support 1-3 new clients right away.

I have hired several assistants, designers, developers and managers over my 14 years in business, and absolutely love collaborating and co-creating with other creatives. I value clear and open communication, and will regularly check-in to evaluate what’s working and not working, in order for us to consistently improve how we’re supporting each other’s success. Respecting and honoring each other is paramount to building a healthy win-win partnership.

Also, you won’t be starting from scratch with me, content or business-wise. You’ll be diving in with an experienced, marketing and tech-savvy entrepreneur who already has other brilliant creatives on her team, an established platform, a functioning website, great content to run with, and a supportive, loving audience. This is a great learning opportunity and one where your skills, expertise, and contribution will make a great impact in further amplifying this exciting work!

Lastly, this isn’t a temporary gig. I’d love to find someone great we can work with for a year or longer. Let’s grow together!


Awesome. Get in touch & let’s talk! Please complete the form below.
I’ll be reviewing submissions and contacting viable candidates for video interviews to say hello and explore further.

Content Marketing Manager Application

  • Another website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • If this is your base, but you travel a lot, tell me about that.
  • Why are you a great fit for this role?
  • We'd love to hear about clients you’ve worked with or projects you’ve worked on. Please provide 3-5 examples of posts you’ve helped write/edit/post (can be newsletters, email sequences/series/courses, sales pages, ebooks, etc).
  • How is your time/business structured currently and what’s your vision for how that may change (or not) in the next year?
  • Any other ways you prefer to work, please share that with me.