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Make sure to fill out the pre-call questionnaire (fill it out now!), which you'll also find in the confirmation/reminder emails. Completing this will help us dive in to the heart of you/your business even faster and truly maximize our time together.  

At the time of our call, please allow for one full hour (ideally even more, to create space afterwards for integration/reflection). Prepare to be in a quiet, safe place with NO distractions, and have something to take notes with, too. 

I look forward to connecting with you!

Working with Willo has impacted my life and business by allowing me to play big.

One of my favorite parts about working with Willo is her calm, patient presence, and intuitive ability to guide me in my business. I am actively moving forward toward what I want to create in my life with solid, simple steps.

Willo the Alchemist... she is one of a kind!

I am in awe of how Willo was able to pull the articulation of my gifts right out of me. I felt a huge shift and awakening to who I am and my purpose. Willo held this space of safety while being like an alchemist - facilitating the unearthing of a stone in my gut and turning it to light!

Willo creates an emotionally safe space.

We are often our harshest critics, and it's self-care not self-doubt that help us move forward. Willo creates an emotionally safe space that translates your doubts into opportunities for growth and amplifies the whispers of your confidence until you can do it yourself.

Working with Willo has given me the confidence to carve out my own path in life and business.

I thought hard work meant a lot of suffering. I now see how it is possible to be more balanced, abundant and thriving positively in my business. I can choose to do what I love more!

Willo leaves me energized, with a bounce in my step and love in my heart!

If you want support to re-connect with your best self in ways that are creative, playful, profound and action-oriented, reach out to Willo and let the magic begin!

Willo always gave me time and space to do things at my own pace - mentally, spiritually and physically.

Over the initial six months, I experienced tremendous growth, and continue to grow with Willo’s support and patience. She is an extraordinary coach that supports people as the whole person that they are - mind, body and spirit.

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Rahaf Harfoush Strategist & NYT Best-Selling Author
Faith Lantz Web Developer & Entrepreneur
Kirthi Nath Independent Filmmaker
Kristina Louise Welzien Hair Designer, Visionary & Founder

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