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radical lubrication plan

how’s that for the name of my new band? hahhaa

Actually it’s my new vigorous routine. Ya see.. my left eye has been really blurry. We’re talkin ‘close the right eye & the left eye can’t see the dashboard clearly, or the computer clearly’ blurry. Pretty blurry. The thing was, it would be clear when I woke up in the morning but within 45 min-2 hours it would start to get really blurry and would get increasingly worse throughout the day. Then if the other eye got blurry at all, I was really having to squint to see road signs & stuff!

Needless to say I was worried, so I called the Doctors office (and the Eye Doctor called me back) and basically he said that they get calls all the time and that it’s very normal while you’re healing for one eye to be blurrier than the other & vis versa. That, and that blurriness is a sign of dryness, so to make sure I was putting drops in, etc.

Well, I had been, so I was skeptical that could be the problem, but I was willing to give it a couple more days and go in the following week (tomorrow) if it was still doing that. So 5 days of this goes by, which leads us to yesterday, and I talk to my Mom and tell her what is goin on and she freaks. (My Mom is a tad over-reactive when it comes to her children’s health) She insists I go in right away, making me scared shit-less I have some ‘wrinkle in the flap’ that will never ever go away and I need to go in and make sure my flap is OK (insert more smothering motherly panic here).

Thing is, Dr. Hyver has 3 locations, and yesterday they were in Santa Clara instead of Daly City. Adding a good 30 minutes to my drive down a very busy freeway, not to mention having to drop everything I was doing for 3 clients to take the trip mid-day. ug. But I was concerned (and annoyed with my lack of clear site), too – so I went for it. And really, panic attack aside, I’m thankful for her concern. xoxo

So, long story longer, I have dry eyes! wahoo! Everyone’s different in this procedure.. and the thing is my eyes haven’t been feeling as dry, but the vision blurring is a tell tale sign. Plus – the biggest culprit of all is the fact that I stare at a computer screen all day. It says it right on the eye drop bottles under “what causes dry eyes”. Yup that’s me! No wonder it was only a couple days after going back to work that they got *really* dry.

So I got plugs! Have you ever heard of this? Well, if you knew someone who has had lasik – or maybe more than a couple people, and they’d have to be close enough to you to be telling you the nitty gritty details – you’d have heard they probably had this too. What it is is they plug up 1 of the tear ducts in each eye, so that your eye isn’t draining fluid as fast and you keep more lubrication on the eye. Cool! Apparently you can even get em taken out – but I think it’s actually kinda neat. Man, modern technology these days!!! It’s awesome!

So the GREAT news is my new vigorous lubrication plan is already working!! Normally by this time I couldn’t see my computer screen clearly, let along across the room (with just my left eye that is) – and now I can!! I’m a lubricating MACHINE! hahahaa (double entendre, anyone?!)

OK – so a few general things to note here:

#1 If YOU or someone you know is going to get Lasik, please know that not all people have dry eyes. Some people never have a problem with it! And mine is probably just exacerbated by the computer use. I’m a zombie on this thing for a minimum of 10-12 hours a day. It’s no mystery I have dry(er) eyes. That said, other computer freaks that have lasik might not have the prob at all.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer to any computer user: BLINK OFTEN

#2. This applies to all of you people out there with eyeballs – take note!

“Most over-the-counter tear replacement solutions contain preservatives, which are toxic to the eye if used more than four times a day.” SOURCE LINK

That said, any time you get Lasik they will tell you to use preservative free drops – which come in these twist off cap containers that contain about 4 or 5 drops. Also now I am using gels and ointments which are thicker.. and the ointment specifically can only be used at night since it’s like vaseline on your eye… but the gel drops (TheraTears and Refresh Liquigel) I’ve been putting in the bottom of my eyelid all day and it works to still see.

Word to the wise re: Getting Lasik – budget approx $100 for eye drops, gels, etc! And be prepared for the healing process which for very few may take a couple weeks, but more realistically it’s about 6 months to a year. Which now that I’ve had it done, I can honestly say it’s a small price to pay for the next 20 years free of contacts & glasses = 20/20 vision!

Oh! And for more natural remedies – I’m drinking more water & I’ll be picking up some Flax Seed Oil supplements.

The Better To See You With My Dear,



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Chuck - December 8, 2004 Reply

Good to know. Any other computer eyestrain related tips would be appreciated!

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