Our first full-length episode is live!

Oh yes, it’s finally here… the very first full-length WilloToons Connect episode with Helen Jane is live! Wahoo! Check it out »

Meet Helen Jane
Our conversation is the perfect introduction for my new series, because Helen Jane and I have actually had somewhat similar paths over the last 10 years. We’ve both been long-time bloggers (like, 11+ years… old school!), and have built successful web/graphic design businesses. Moreover, we have learned an immeasurable amount about what it takes to stay connected to our friends, family and inspiration as we live our creative lives in the midst.

Find out more about Helen Jane’s enviously delicious social calendar (hint: it involves fine wine & yummy cheese) and much, much more, by watching the full episode!

Lastly, feel free to share this with your friends! You can post the trailer for this episode or the trailer for WilloToons Connect on your blog to help spread the word about creative sustainability. Thanks for being here!

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