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OONA rocks WilloToons Connect

OONA is an Oakland, CA band led by the fierce Oona Garthwaite, and I could not be more stoked to have two of their songs, ‘Forbidden Sky’ and ‘There’s A Bridge’, featured in the very first full-length WilloToons Connect conversation, with Helen Jane!

When I saw OONA the first time, I was blown away. Oona herself is an absolute force on stage, and combined with the talented Dave Tweedie on drums, you’ve got one high energy rock show! OONA was also one of the first to implement BandPage for Facebook (created by my friend J’s company, RootMusic), which is basically the best way to finally get your band off Myspace. She’s an awesome Twitter friend, too!

OONA - Shhhhout!You can find ‘Forbidden Sky’ on Tore My Heart, and after you fall in love with that, you can snag their new album Shhhhout! Whatever you do though, don’t miss them play live. This girl was meant to be on stage, and you cannot help but move when she’s up there rockin’ it! Watch this video for a little taste:

You can also find ‘Forbidden Sky’ in the sneak peek trailer for the Helen Jane episode. So if you haven’t had a chance to watch the full episode yet, you can start with the little 1-minute trailer.

Thanks, OONA! So happy you’re a part of this.

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