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Seeking Online Business Manager


I’m seeking an Experienced VA/Online Business Manager to assist and support me and my business. Is that you, or someone you know? Awesome! Read on & let's get this party started...

Location, Budget & Availability

These are crucial factors for both of us, so let’s tackle this first.

  • Remote/Virtual Assistance, serving West Coast/Pacific Time Zone
    I work with clients around the world, and hire contractors in various locations, but for this particular role I am seeking someone who resides in the Americas (North, Central, or South) for time zone alignment, as I'm currently based in Portland. This way we may easily communicate, collaborate and get work done within the same working day. I look for independent thinkers, self-starters, and those who are passionate and motivated to do GREAT work & LEARN a lot! 
  • Budget
    $15-25/hr, depending on experience. If you feel highly qualified for this role, but require more, don't hesitate to apply & state your fees. This is a part-time role, initially, with the opportunity to increase hours as time goes by. Hourly tracking is preferred, so we may all be aware of how long tasks take. However, billing on a retainer for a set number of hours per month is a great way for all of us to manage expectations, availability, and budget.
  • Availability
    You have a stable & steady work schedule; available and at your computer for a certain amount of set hours during the day, and potentially at odd hours if there's a launch or an emergency. 

Who I Am + Who You Are + Who I'm Looking For

I've included more information about me and my work further down the page. For now, let's talk about YOU!

This is not a position for your average VA. This is more of an Online Business Manager role, in the sense that you’ll be helping me manage clients, projects, and my life - working directly with me, my clients, and other members on my team. Helping us all stay on top of it!

I don't expect you to know how to do everything below - so don't be intimidated! If you're tech savvy, organized, and a quick learner, I'm happy to train you and/or have my former OBM & current Marketing Manager train you. 

  • Experienced in supporting a Coach, Online Courses, & Membership Programs
    • Technical experience required! This is more of a technical integration + member support role than it is marketing. See full list of apps/platforms below. 
    • I run small group coaching programs - which is basically an online course & membership wrapped into one. If you have experience in this, it would be excellent. Bonus points if you've helped manage client/member flow & related communities.
  • Experienced in Assisting a (Heart-Centered) Business Owner
    • I am happy to train the right person, however I don't want this to be your first time supporting someone in running their life & business. Not that there still won't be learning curves and surprises, but in addition to what you will learn from me, I'd love to draw from your experience and expertise as well!
    • Great at clarifying objectives & sticking to timelines/deadlines with a busy Visionary CEO. Your attention to detail, implementation, & management skills will be greatly valued in this role. 
  • Organized + Tech-Savvy + Branding/Design-Savvy 
    • Ability to work focused & efficiently. Because my business is primarily online, and we'll be working together remotely, this will require you to be EXCELLENT at organizing and managing details, and communicating via online platforms. 
    • Detail oriented and proficient in QA (Quality Assurance) - you check and double-check your work to make sure it’s done right
    • You have an eye for design and/or are well-versed in creating graphics and landing pages within a brand look & feel
    • Some tools we'll be using:
      • Slack - team communication
      • Trello - tracking personal & team/business tasks
      • Zoom - video conference calls
      • Google Drive, Paper, and Dropbox
      • YouTube & Vimeo 
      • WordPress (Thrive Themes, LearnDash, Wishlist Member)
      • SamCart - sales pages & payments
      • Convertkit - email marketing
      • Acuity - scheduling
      • 1Password 
      • Canva 
      • Airtable 
      • If you're curious about more apps/tools I recommend, visit my online resource: Systems that Support You & Your Business 
      • Bonus if you use a Mac & iPhone, too, as that's what I use, but not mandatory.
  • Proficient Writer 
    • Speaks & writes in fluent English, and is aware of American English differences when writing
    • Voice in emails & copy is read as heartfelt, upbeat with authenticity, generosity, & kindness (with healthy boundaries, of course)
    • Excellent grammar (strong feelings about commas and semicolons are welcome)
  • Professional & Personable
    • Responsive and communicative
    • Great client communication via email and phone or video meetings
    • You are grounded, practical, and detail-oriented
    • Positive attitude, easy-going (no drama), with a sense of humor & a willingness to learn
    • Values marketing & running a business with heart and integrity
  • You have your business sh*t together
    • Responsible for tracking time and regularly invoicing
    • You have your invoicing and billing/accounting systems set-up
    • Clear on your strengths/weaknesses, so you’re not overpromising and under-delivering
    • You know how to manage expectations with clients and colleagues, should your availability change and/or you need to reset a commitment
    • You take care of yourself! Eat well, get good sleep, manage your energy, and set healthy boundaries. Manage expectations and don't spread yourself so thin that it endangers yourself, me or the entire team's progress.

Specifics aside, it's important we have:

  • Trust: reliability & confidentiality
  • Honesty: open & clear communication
  • Connection: you like doing this work for me and I like working with you! Let's have fun co-creating awesomeness together.

Aaaand... a fallback plan! 

What happens when you have something come up in your personal life that pulls you away from doing client work? Do you have an assistant or colleague who can help fill in? This is important, as I will be relying on you and while I have a great team who may be able to step in, I'll want us to discuss what options you may have in place to mitigate this risk.

Don’t have some of the above, but you’re still super interested?

Cool! Tell us more about that when you apply. Ultimately, personality fit, a great attitude, and the ability to show up, do the work and learn fast is #1. So, if you’re ready to make it happen with this - let’s talk!


I’m Willo Sana, a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur who has 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business... which I channel into my writing, speaking, workshops, ecourses & videos. You can learn more about me here, and see examples of my work here.

As a Transformational Business Coach, I serve and support Creative, Visionary Entrepreneurs around the world. I work with individuals one-on-one and lead small group coaching circles that include access to a growing membership site full of trainings & guidance.

I also have a new book coming out soon. It's an exciting time here at Willo&Co!

Willo Sana

I have hired several assistants, designers, developers and managers over my 20+ years in business, and absolutely love collaborating and co-creating with other creatives. 

I value clear and open communication, and will regularly check-in to evaluate what’s working and not working, in order for us to consistently improve how we’re supporting each other’s success. Respecting and honoring each other is paramount to building a healthy win-win partnership.

Also, you won’t be starting from scratch with me, content or business-wise. You’ll be diving in with an experienced, marketing, and tech-savvy entrepreneur who already has other brilliant creatives on her team, an established platform, a functioning website, great content to run with, and a supportive, loving audience.

This is a great learning opportunity and one where your skills, expertise, and contribution will make a great impact in further amplifying this exciting work!

Lastly, this isn’t a temporary gig. I’d love to find someone great we can work with for a year or longer. Let’s grow together!


Awesome. Please complete the application form below!
Don't take too long to fill this out - it's better if you quickly submit it to have your name in the ring, as I am looking to set up interviews soon!

I’ll be reviewing submissions and contacting viable candidates for video interviews to say hello and explore further.

Online Business Manager Application

  • Mobile number where you can receive text messages
  • If not on Pacific Time, please also include how many hours ahead or behind your time zone is from PT.
  • Feel free to show me any relevant websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Hit Shift + Enter to create a new line.
  • Why are you a great fit for this role?
  • Do you have experience with a specific platform that's been mentioned, client & community support, online courses, and/or membership sites? Tell us all about your experience!
  • How is your business and/or availability structured currently? Will that change, or not, in the next year?