my poor baby has fleas

My poor baby has fleas 🙁

It’s the first time he’s ever had them (he’s 2 years old) so I didn’t know what to look for, but boy oh boy I think he’s got em good.

He’s apparently not bothered by them, cuz he hasn’t been scratching abnormally or anything… so I didn’t see signs like that & I had to figure it out by finding the little black specks and red spots on the floor (eeewww!!!!).

Totally gross, I know – but it’s a fact of life w/ pets. And if anything I wanna tell you all in case you have pets aren’t aware of the symptoms, so you can catch it earlier than I did! I just thought the black specs were dirt from him rollin around outside or from his litter – and I thought the red spots were some weird rust thing from the water and that I’d just never noticed em before since now that I have white tile floors in the bathroom. Now I know!

So – I’ll be going home tonite and cleaning my house like CRAZY!! That is after a stop at the store for some Advantage (got Frontline) and maybe some anti-flea spray, moth balls (for my bagless vaccuum). Oh and some vinegar for his water & fresh minced garlic to add to his wet food apparently can really keep them away.

I don’t have them, thank goodness :p But I feel so bad for my little buddy. I’ve been reading a ton online today & apparently those suckers (literally) bite and feed on pets like crazy!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 so sad!!!

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