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lasik stories…

A lot of people have been asking me about my Lasik. Most people are very, very scared of doing it themselves. Understandable! I was too, but really I wasn’t *as* scared the more people I talked to who had it done.

I felt fortunate because I know, personally, almost 10 people who’ve had the procedure. And since then the list keeps growing. As of today all of these people I know have had it done: My Mom, her good friend Irene, my friend’s: Jeanna, Paula, Julie, Vera (here’s her story) and 2 of Rick’s friends, and even a few clients: Kevin, Paul and Mike. And I’m probably even forgetting a few people.

I just read this girl’s story of her getting lasik, which is pretty interesting. Overall, I’d say if you are wanting to get lasik and you are nervous. The #1 step is to go in and get a consultation. Just see what you are a candidate for and talk it through with the counselors. Don’t be afraid to visit a few doctors in your area so that you go with one you feel comfortable with. The safer you feel about their knowledge, skill and staff – the more safe you’ll feel getting the procedure done.

I won’t candy coat it – for me the procedure was way more intense than I thought it was going to be. Everyone’s always so elated they can SEE after those few scary minutes (and hours of uncomfortableness that go away after only ~ 5 hours) that they forget to tell you the procedure isn’t a total cake walk. But it’s also not THAT bad either.

For me to have gone through 15 intense minutes, and 1 hour of major uncomfortableness (before I drifted off to sleep for 2 hours) and now to just keep my eyes moist with drops all day for a few months… it is ALL sooooo worth it. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think at least once how miraculous it is that I don’t have contacts in my eyes. That I dont have to worry about rubbing my eyebrow in some way that lifts my eyelid up & my contact pops out… or worry about getting a hair under my contact while I’m driving and have to totally stop – and with no solution use my saliva to try to salvage my contact that I *must* have in order to drive. I mean – aaall of those annoyances are gone!

Let alone how fantastic it will be to go traveling, scuba diving and snowboarding without having to worry about my contacts. It’s pretty frickin cool.. 🙂

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Ajax - December 10, 2004 Reply

“A lot of people have been asking me about my Lasik. Most people are very, very scared of doing it themselves”

They should probably have a doctor do it then.

Or do what these guys did.

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