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Insourcing vs Outsourcing for Cultivating & Strengthening Leadership

Insourcing is Essential for Realizing Your Fullest Potential in all areas of your Life & Business 

Let me explain what Insourcing is & 3 Practical Ways you can STRENGTHEN this muscle in order to support yourself in getting where you want to go.

To explain Insourcing, I’m going to first start with clarifying how you may be Outsourcing.

You’re all very familiar with Outsourcing right - hiring & delegating - but there’s a form of Outsourcing that’s when we look outside of ourselves for solutions, permission, or approval - especially when we feel lost, scared, or overwhelmed.

Insourcing is about cultivating a deep, trusting relationship with yourself.

You could also think of this as your higher self, your wise self, spirit, your intuition.… whatever you like to call it, but it’s essentially the same. When you’re Insourcing you’re tuned in to your own inner compass.

This is important because when we’re really tuned in to our own inner compass, we: 

  1. Show up more confident and secure in all areas of your life
  2. You’re listening to yourself. You make decisions faster and speak up for yourself and your value unapologetically
  3. Set boundaries, manage expectations, and experience more peace, ease and flow with the challenges in your life 

OK - so now you’re clear on when you Outsource our Knowing and what Insourcing is and the benefits it can serve you with in your life...

3 Ways to Strengthen Insourcing Muscle

Here are 3 ways you can grow your connection to yourself - your Insourcing muscle - and what I’m about to share with you really are the REQUIRED elements for cultivating a conscious connection with yourself, which is going to help you EXCEL at anything you want in your life.

First step to is to identify where & when you Outsource - which are also ways you Derail & Distract yourself, GET IN YOUR OWN WAY - and limit your progress. 

We experience these when we’re at our Learning Edge.
We all have learning edges, where we hit a point that we feel like we don’t know what we’re doing. They’re all specific to us, our patterns, our history… and it’s what DERAILS us.When we’re really going for it, we’re going to be met with parts of our shadow that are ready to be cleared.

We often aim to work towards our goals with more efficiency and effectiveness, but if we’re still being driven from a core belief (e.g. we’re not enough), then you may find yourself NOT making the progress you desire.


See if you recognize any of these self-limiting thought patterns:

  1. “I can’t!” - Helpless / Hopeless / Overwhelmed / Victim
  2. “I’m afraid they won’t like it, or they’ll think I’m ______” - Perfectionism / People Pleaser / Anxiety (often self-induced pressure/internal expectation)
  3. “Who do I think I am?” - Imposter Syndrome
  4. “I don’t wanna!” - Rebel Avoidance / Child - masking victim/can’t
  5. “I don’t know” - Disempowered / Feel the need to learn more/research/go outside yourself
  6. “I’m too ____” or “I’m not _______ enough.” I call this: ‘The Hamster Wheel of Not Enough’
  7. Other end of the extreme: Invincible, Overconfident: "I’m better than everyone, nobody can do it better than me, I have to do everything." Also a protection mechanism. 

Sometimes it can help to identify the Presenting Problem
, aka How you busy yourselves, waste time & energy… how you DERAIL yourself:

  1. Procrastination / Distraction (Facebook, Instagram, cleaning out your closet)
  2. Perfectionism - never launching/publishing (not good enough)
  3. Mixed Emotions / Indecisiveness 
  4. Lying
  5. Tired or Don’t Feel Good (Energy Management)
  6. Feeling Stuck or Depressed (Out of Alignment with Life)
  7. Anger / Frustration / Resentment
  8. Research (or other forms of “I don’t know” “I’m not ready”)
  9. Timidity / Hiding / Playing Small
  10. Coasting / Comfort Zone
  11. Other end of the extreme: Spread Thin, Burn out, Taking on way too much, Martyr, Bottleneck in your business 

So whenever you find yourself OUTSOURCING in these ways… watch out for this, because

  1. The core limiting belief is that you don't already have the answer within you, or the capacity to “handle it” within you… and it’s important to acknowledge this often stems from something in our past.
  2. Most detrimentally - it erodes SELF-TRUST 

Which brings us to the Second Step...


Once you’ve identified your individual patterns - your quest is to break the pattern. You have to practice this muscle to strengthen it!

  1. Notice when you start seeking the answers outside of yourself, and stop and FIRST check in with what’s true for you, and see what it would feel like to trust it.
  2. Watch the Tapes that are playing in your head over & over
  3. Catch them & Rewrite the Script
  4. Recommit to coming back into connection with what’s true for you.
  5. JOURNALING or even RECORDING audio to yourself can be an incredibly helpful self-reflection exercise here. As is hiring a coach!! They can help you see what you can’t see. All of this helps you get in relationship with yourself. You're listening to yourself in a conscious, honoring way. 

When you’re CONSCIOUSLY creating your life & business, you’re aware of your thoughts and actions so you can live from true choice in the present moment, rather than being run by programming from the past. 

3. embodied affirmations

THIRD - one of the BEST ways to support yourself in cultivating a connection to who you are AND clarifying the outcome for who you want to BECOME - is to create an Embodied Affirmation for yourself.

So if at your Learning Edge, you’re afraid that "you’re not very good at XYZ and that someone’s going to call you out on it" (Imposter Syndrome) and/or "you’re not going to be good enough"(Perfectionism/People Pleaser)… then ask yourself:

  1. How do I want to feel?
  2. What’s the OUTCOME you desire?

And write it out in a way that it’s already happening. What’s your VISION for HOW this is already happening in your life - what does it feel like? Imagine you’re telling a friend how well it’s going. Write this specifically for the area you want to improve - could be relationships, an aspect of your business, etc. 

Read this and be with the EMBODIED FEELING of this DESIRED OUTCOME every day.

Now you have a deeper understanding of why Insourcing is so crucial for you & your business, an awareness of your patterns, & how they derail your progress or get in your own way.

Here's a recap: 

  2. RECOMMIT TO INSOURCING/PRESENT MOMENT TRUTH - Journaling & rewriting the script, so it doesn’t get the best of you

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