Insights from my US Tour, February 2017 ~

Insights from my US Tour, February 2017

I just got back from a 3-week tour in the US, where I helped my Mom move house in Florida and attended two incredible conferences in LA & Dallas… details below!

I even got to spend a week in Austin, which was my first time there since 2012, after 8(!) years in a row rockin’ it at SXSW!

First stop: Florida, helping Momma move

It goes without saying that I had a wonderful time with my sweet Momma. Her new place is adorable, and one night we enjoyed an evening on Siesta Key beach, where we watched the sunset over the ocean, and a huge full moon rise up on the other side! Absolutely breathtaking.

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While packing up and moving Mom, I was also onboarding my awesome new Online Business Manager (yay!), interviewing clients for my new Client Spotlight Series, and held the first call for my 2017 Small Group Coaching Program!

I’ve been doing a lot of videos on Instagram Stories, which expire in 24 hours, but I edited together this video to share the energy I was feeling amidst this dynamic time:

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Be sure to follow me on Instagram – and keep an eye on my Instagram Stories – to see more live updates from my adventures.

Los Angeles for Evolving Out Loud

From Florida I took a quick jaunt over to LA, where I attended Kyle Cease’s Evolving Out Loud event. It was AMAZING!! I recorded some Instagram Stories there, but am realizing I didn’t post any photos/videos to my main IG timeline. I’ll have to do that! Regardless… have you heard of Kyle Cease yet? He’s a brilliant comedian who has become a conscious, motivational speaker. I absolutely LOVED his event, and was so happy I had the opportunity to attend while I was in the US!

Here’s a taste of his work:


While I was in LA, the west coast was experiencing epic, armageddon levels of rain. Much needed, but WOW was it cold & rainy! Not the sunny LA experience I had like last summer.

Still, I managed to connect with many wonderful friends and had a fantastic lunch with two of my small group coaching clients who live there. Oddly, I didn’t take too many photos, but the fond memories live on in our hearts!

Here’s one of the fun photos I did post… reuniting with some friends who I originally met in HK, but now they live in LA! Despite the cold, it was a great trip all around.

Dallas for FunnelHacking Live 2017

After LA, I headed over to Dallas for FunnelHacking Live, a conference put on by ClickFunnels. Friends of mine had gone last year and said it was a great event to attend, even if you don’t use their software… and it was!

It was a total 180º from the vibe at Kyle’s event, but hilariously JP Sears was at both of them, and I even ran into another couple who I met at Kyle’s event, too! Small world. 🙂

Seriously though, it was awesome to be around so many entrepreneurs building their businesses online; many of them masters in the world of Internet Marketing. (And, in case you’re wondering, I do plan to launch a few offerings on ClickFunnels this month, it’s an awesome platform!)

We even got an afternoon with Tony Robbins! 

That felt REALLY incredible to experience, as I’ve never been to one of his events before, and it was a really small group of us (~1400) compared to massive events he usually leads! He’s a legend.

You can see some of the photos & video I snapped of him in this series of Instagram images here (my first post using their new multiple images in one post feature!):

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Post-Conference Retreat in Austin

I’d actually been planning this trip to FHL in Dallas since last November, after going my friends Miles & Melanie’s #AbundantCircle retreat in Phuket. They had gathered a small handful of us who attended DCBKK* for a little post-conference retreat, sharing wisdom and insights from running our businesses online.

*The Dynamite Circle is the location independent entrepreneurs community I’ve been a part of since moving abroad in 2014!

So, in a similar fashion, several of us DCers – many of us whom also went to Phuket for the Abundant Circle retreat – went to FHL2017 (probably 15 of us in total!), and afterwards 8 of us headed to Austin to do another post-conference retreat, implementing and coworking together! Yaaaaaasssss! Love these peeps.

All in all, it was an awesome trip and I’ve been loving sharing all that I’ve learned with my clients!!

Super excited for the year ahead!

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