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Guidance Council

I've been running small group coaching programs since 2012, and I love sharing my expertise and knowledge from 20+ years of facing my fears & following my heart while growing multiple creative, heart-centered businesses! 


In 2014, after running & facilitating all of my programs myself for six years, I was called to "Gather the Guidance Council." 

For, while I have a LOT to share from my two decades of experience, I also know and LOVE that there are SO many other brilliant guides out there whom have wisdom to share! 

Thus far we’ve had experts join us & teach in the realms of Human Design, Astrology, Storytelling, Digital Marketing, Legal Protection, Branding/Design, Financial Abundance, and more.

Do you have knowledge, wisdom, and guidance you'd like to share with OUR group of women entrepreneurs?

I magnetize and serve very tuned-in, visionary women entrepreneurs from all over the world... all experts in their own right. Many of whom who have also contributed their genius to the rest of the group!  

So, you may choose to join my Business Growth Mastermind and contribute while you're actively enrolled & working on your business... or you may prefer to step in as a guide and deliver a one-off workshop as a Guidance Council member. 

Either way, this is a very special opportunity to share your genius with a small group of amazing women who are actively engaging in the process of growth and transformation for themselves and their businesses.

If this feels exciting for you, please submit a Guidance Council Application so we can learn more about what you have to offer! 


"How long are the calls?"
Our Guidance Council Bonus Calls are usually 60-90 minutes, live, and on Zoom (video).
"Am I able to make an offer to your group?"
This depends on what you want to offer. We will discuss and agree on this prior to your contribution. If you DO make an offer, we will discuss and agree on a fair revenue share.
"Do I get access to the recording?"
Yes, but only for your own review. I do not allow any part of the recording to be published anywhere else without my explicit permission.
"Do I get access to your client's contact information?"
No, I protect my client's information but they will get your contact information.