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Transformation from the Inside Out

Make no mistake, you are in a different place than when you started the LightMap program. You have shifted mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually - possibly more than you consciously realize! 

You now have a whole new understanding of who you are and how  you are showing up on behalf of yourself and your business... and this embodied awareness is BIG.

Being a part of this group, and doing the work you've been doing, has rooted you in a stronger foundation than most entrepreneurs, and you are now more ready than ever to double down on your genius and continue your rapid evolution of growth!

Designed with Love & Generosity for Graduates
of the LightMap™ Guidance Program

As your coach, I feel honored to know you and be in your business with you. I'm aware of your challenges (emotionally and strategically), I see your big vision, and I'm excited to continue walking with you through the steps that will keep you moving forward this year!

In honor of all the awesome work we've done together, I want to give you an offer you can't refuse... so YOU can continue receiving the support that will help you take your business to the next level!

Special OFFER

I've charged $12k/year for my group programs in years' past, and I could easily be charging $25k/year for all that's on offer in this one... but I've been called to serve more women, and as such I want to do everything in my power to help women RISE UP!! Therefore...

Registration for Double Down on your Genius™ is

$3,000 for a full year




Double Down on your Genius™

1-Year Membership

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls with Willo each month for Individual Guidance, Accountability & Support  ($12k Value)
  • 1 Bonus Group Call every month, featuring the support of a Guidance Council Guest Guide/Expert/Coach with Live Q&A ($5k Value)
  • Continued Access to the LightMap Guidance Program Membership Site, including all new resources & courses ($5k Value)
  • Ongoing Coaching & Community Support (via Slack) in between calls ($3k Value)




- Payment Plan Option -

  • Making this Double Down on your Genius Transformation Group accessible to anyone who's ready!

FOR $300/MO

Wow... why is the price sooo low?

I know... all of my mentors are telling me I'm crazy for offering this at such a low price! Believe me, I've been a high-paid, high-level coach for a long time, so it feels a little crazy for me, too... but I'm being guided to support brilliant women like you, and it feels really aligned to offer this, so I'm trusting it!

This is also ONLY for foundational LightMap Members... so this is not to be shared with anyone else, it's just for YOU! 

THE PRICE WILL DOUBLE SOON, but for now - as a LightMap graduate - you get it at this ridiculously awesome & accessible price.

It's my hope this feels VERY generous and like a "no-brainer" for you to secure high-level support for yourself and be absolutely unstoppable in growing your business this year!

You ready?



(Valued at $17000)

High-Level Support & Experienced Guidance

  • You have access to Two Live Coaching Video Conference Calls per month with Willo Sana (24 total) + One Bonus Group Call every month (12 total bonus calls), featuring the support of a Guidance Council Coach - for high-touch, personalized support that is relevant for where YOU are RIGHT NOW and where YOU want to go.

  • You’ll be in a (Zoom) room full of other supportive, ambitious, entrepreneurial women who are doubling down on their genius and committed to sharing their brilliant work with the world, just like you. 
  • We’ll spend 60-90 minutes together on every call focused on topics that are specifically designed with the purpose-driven, creative business owner in mind!

  • You’ll have space to ask questions and receive Willo's 1:1 Coaching & Guidance, as well as Guidance from the Guidance Council Guest Coaches, and the insightful support of your community of new friends - your fellow Badass Activators & Conscious Creators on the path!

BONUS Videos & Workbooks

(Valued at $5000)

Ongoing Access to the LightMap Program & more!

  • You will retain access to all the value-packed videos & workbooks that make the LightMap program so incredible.
  • Trainings and guidance designed with YOU in mind. From tips for focus and guiding you through exercises for calming your anxiety and mindfully prioritizing when you’re feeling tsunami’d by all the things -to- knowing when, how, and where to hire -to- strategic guidance for lead generation, sales & marketing, and much more.

  • All of which you can ask questions about in the community to ignite more perspectives and support, and have Willo respond directly to you!
  • I support FOCUS more than anything, and ultimately the most important thing is that you’re making progress and receiving the emotional and strategic support YOU need in order to move the needle forward on YOUR business.
  • If that’s ever not happening, then you know we’ve got another Live Weekly Support Call coming up where you can wave the white flag and get support on what’s coming up for you. You’re not alone here, and no problem is too big, no question too silly, no challenge too difficult.

  • I’ve seen it all and can support you with the full gamut of fears, obstacles, challenges, etc. I’ve got you!


(Valued at $3000)

We need safe spaces for support & reflection...

  • As women, we need to connect with each other to grow, inspire, encourage, and support another through the various challenges that come our way on this path.
  • Especially as independent trailblazers, we have a tendency to work in our own little bubbles, which can be great for the most part, until it’s not and it begins to feel isolating and overwhelming.

  • We not only need safe spaces, we need spaces where we can be surrounded by a like-minded community of wise, mature, purpose-driven movers & shakers who are also committed to growth and transforming their lives and businesses!
  • In addition to the other brilliant women in the group - who will quickly become new and life-long friends - Willo will also be available to answer your questions, give feedback on anything you’re working on, and help you work through anything that comes up in the time between live calls.

  • Lastly, because the name of the game is focus, this group will NOT be on Facebook. Instead, I use Slack for all community conversation, which helps us all stay focused and yet still have an awesome platform for staying connected.


"Working with Willo has impacted my life and business by allowing me to play big. One of my favorite parts about working with Willo is her calm, patient presence, and intuitive ability to guide me in my business.

​I am actively moving forward toward what I want to create in my life with solid, simple steps!"

"One of my favorite parts of working with Willo was how much permission I got to be myself. I was at a stage where I was following other people's systems and I was feeling very behind because of all the possibilities out there. Willo's art of breaking down things into the simplest way forward was very useful, and the way that set me up for great accountability."

Ying Han

CEO & Best-Selling Author

There’s no way I could summarize all that’s about to happen for you in the Double Down on Your Genius™ Transformational Group year-long program because...



"W​hat is your refund policy?"

I do not offer refunds for the Genius Group. Actually, all of my coaching & mentoring programs are non-refundable. I do this for a reason, so I'm glad you asked!

First, I have zero doubt that the work you will do in the Genius Group will be transformational for you no matter what. It has been for many before you, and it is designed to work for individuals at ALL stages of your business journey.  

Between the guidance and trainings you receive, the epiphanies you have, the relationships you build, and the progress you make... the impact lasts a lifetime!  

Remember, this is not a cookie cutter program... this is high touch personalized support & guidance in a safe container. 

There are no refunds for the Genius Group. Therefore, if you choose the payment plan, you will be responsible for making all the payments, regardless of your participation. 

Again, I am confident the Genius Group will be transformational for you, and a big part of that is because this is about you stepping up and committing to yourself to realize the change you want to create in your life and business. Fully committing is how you get the MOST out of this program.

I put 100% into this, and as soon as you step in, me & my team are supporting you! We want to see you put both feet in 100% as well, because we know that when you do... you move mountains! 

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