FRIDAY • JUNE 18 • 2021  
10AM - 4PM PDT


CALLING ALL  Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Yes, I am speaking tYOU.
YOU, whose divine gifts breathe authenticity into your business.

YOU, whose heart-led calling speaks to a greater purpose.
YOU, who is ready to embrace your own sacred path.

Yes, I SEE you.
You strive to be a beacon of realness in the often conscienceless world of business.
You are compelled to bring precious value to others through your work.

You are persevering in the pursuit of your passion & truths.

And YES, I want you to OWN your talents because...
You are beautifully designed & destined for your work.
You are a fierce visionary & voice in your vocation.

You deserve to take up space & be seen.

The vision you have for yourself
& the vision you have for your business
can exist  in the same realm.

You are an intelligent, intuitive woman and your work is worthy of a platform.

But the act of carving out space for ourselves to share our gifts is sometimes
met with pain & pressure that doesn't match up with our big dreams.

We are so habituated to smallness & fear,
and deeply conditioned to retelling that story again & again.

Aligned & Guided is here to interrupt  that pattern.

My in-house Healer & Energy Worker Jenn and I have poured our hearts into preparing this
retreat for entrepreneurs like yourself who are open to doing the internal work
so that you can finally THRIVE emotionally, spiritually, & financially.

Which is why we've so lovingly & carefully curated a space that's
sacred enough for you to leap out of your comfort zone,
& safe enough for you to land on both feet afterwards.

A space that's equipped with your crashpad for those tough, healing moments,
& with your launchpad once the act of restoration catapults you to new heights.


you'll go

 from soul-searching
to soul-finding
TO soul-centered. 

 here to interrupt  that pattern.

This isn't going to be your typical retreat.

And that's because you're not a typical business owner.

No phones. No distractions.

I'm  here to hand you the permission slip to do things differently,
because you're not here to be like everyone else.
You're here to live out your own divine calling.

You dont have to align with the crowd.
You just have to align with your truest self.

You are entitled to fill your own cup, and drink from it, too.
restoration, weave it in
unwoven, but not unworthy. cut from unique cloth.
soul-searching, and soul-finding work to soul-centered that it takes to 

This day-long retreat has been 

heart opener, help you fill your cup

he pain & pressure you're feeling now is not matching up with your big dreams.
But finding integration & alignment could bring you out of this funk
& onto your next level much sooner than you think.

If this resonates with you, 

time to open 

that when you truly step into your power 

are an extraordinary force to be reckoned with.

Tools to come back to yourself

pandemic - when you're paddling to stay afloat you can't even rest in your own being. the deep knowing of your own truth.

so that you 

you know that connection is required. this is like going to the gym to grow the muscle of being fully YOU 

Women like you who step into their power fully, are a force to be reckoned with.

You already know. Now is the time to ACT

Embracing rather than pushing away

shift in identity - opening the door to the next level you 

- you've been given 

there's nothing wrong with you 

- afraid to ask for help, don't know who can help

- allow yourself to be supported, be seen.... 

Bringing forth your body of work

Breaking the hustle 

Shame & the money story 

Are you listening & taking action on the guidance that you are receiving?


It's time to break free. 

Break free of your patterns of playing small & develop the courage to be visible & share your light UNAPOLOGETICALLY. 

Unlock the Key to Magnetizing, Receiving, and Having what you want in your Life & Business.

If you're feeling...

  • Like an imposter in your work
  • Always braced for the worst
  • Abandoning yourself

If you find yourself...

  • Procrastinating & making excuses
  • In a constant holding pattern
  • Playing small & hiding your gifts

If you're ready to...

  • Reach more clients
  • Make more money
  • Stand in your own value

Break free from smallness

WHat IT Includes

  • Guided meditations to bring you closer to self, source, & spirit
  • Breakout sessions to tap into powerful group energy
  • Exercises to help you clarify your visions & desires
  • ...And so much more!
An open notebook with writings placed by a steaming cup of tea

your guides

Willo Sana

Willo Sana has been called an Oracle, an Alchemist, a Liberator, and a Doula for Hatching Big Ideas. Her experienced guidance and masterful facilitation of individuals and groups is rooted in compassionate commitment, conscious mindset/behavior rewiring, and channeled energy transmissions, all of which playfully inspire, cultivate, and strengthen our relationship with self/divine spirit.

As a seasoned entrepreneur who'
s been self-employed since 2002, Willo has continually faced her fears, followed her heart, and founded over half-a-dozen creative businesses. Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, she serves as a dynamic catalyst for high-profile leaders and rapidly evolving spiritual visionaries – including best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, psychologists, naturopaths, healers, coaches, lightworkers, and more.

Jenn Savage

Jenn is totally next level when it comes to helping you deepen into the truth of who you are. She is here to help you Evolve Your Consciousness, Anchor Divine Light and Illuminate Your Path as you integrate difficult emotions, heal traumatic experiences and re-write the negative story lines that keep you stuck, repeating old patterns and unable to move your life, finances, business forward with ease and flow...

Make the shift from
scarcity to prosperity.

What does it look like when you are fully aligned, showing up unapologetically,
& doing the important work that you're meant for in this world?

I want you to paint that picture.

It was exactly what I needed.

Willo helped me break through my struggles and bring me out of what was one of the lowest points of my life. I have more acceptance of myself and of my "essence pace" as Willo so beautifully described it. I have a renewed sense of readiness, and a reconnection with my business.

Kate Wiese Sacred Sound Healing Practitioner and Teacher

Working with Willo doesn't seem like work - it's like a power boost!

Kind of like the energy I get with the best yoga class. After a chaotic day, she’s like bright light restoring balance and peace of mind. I love having Willo in my corner!

Sukhjit Ghag Experienced Content & Community Pro

step out of your comfort zone
& into your essence.

I'm waiting for you on the other side.

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