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clarity one day at a time…

My eyes have been doing good. It’s interesting because as they heal one eye is blurrier than the other, and then vis versa throughout the day… but overall I cannot tell you HOW FRICKIN COOL it is to be walking around and then realize “Wow. I don’t have contacts in my eyes right now… this is MY REAL VISION!!!” It’s seriously trippy!!!

This first week my eyes have been pretty dry here & there, (which is normal and they just recommend eye drops all day long) but that seems to be getting better & better. At the worst it just feels like I have dry contacts in my eyes, so when it hits me that I have no contacts in my eyes and that dryness feeling will go away – it amazes me all over again.

Today is the last day of having to put in the antibiotic/anti-inflammatory drops in… but I still have to wear the goggles for a few more nights. Which are annoying because I like to sleep on my side and these make that a little tricky, but it’s all about protecting your eyes from your hands while you’re sleeping. I don’t think I have a problem as I’ve been so hyper sensitive to touching my eyes – but it’s better to be safe than sorry so I’m doing my best (although a couple times I’ve woken up with them off my eyes which is scary, because I think “oh no! what if I took them off & rubbed my eyes in my sleep!” but I don’t think that’s the case, I think it’s just subconsciously they’re so uncomfortable to my sleeping I move them up so they’re not in my way.)

I’m not supposed to rub my eyes for 2 months. 2 MONTHS! I gotta say with my contacts I used to rub my eyes a lot cuz they bugged me so bad and it felt so good to just rub the shit out of them 🙂 So that’s been a change…. I can deal with not rubbing them like crazy – but it’s amazing how much we rub/touch our eyes w/o realizing it. Having to become super conscious of this has been interesting. Easy in a lot of ways, as like I said I’m really hyper sensitive to them since I am so protective of making sure nothing happens to my new found site! But I’d have to say the hardest is in the shower. I think most people squeeze the water out of their eyes with their fingers- and with this new procedure I’ve had to be careful not to do that, and instead I just have a towel near me so I can gently blot the water away from the edges. I also have kept eye drops in there as I can deal with clean, soothing eye drops going in there a lot better than I can the chlorine water. Then I just close them a little tighter and open them and it’s fine. If any of you are reading this who have had the surgery – I’d love to hear what you remember about all this, too.


Oh, btw, I’ve been getting back into workout w/ Rebecca and I’m LOVING it. I’m really sore today – which is awesome!! I also ran into Hai lastnight at the gym, which was cool because I was hoping I would see him soon as today is his bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAI!!! So I got to give him a day-before-his-birthday hug 🙂

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Brian - December 2, 2004 Reply


You’ve got better sight than me now, sista! I’ve got astigmatism, which can’t be corrected with that laser shite.

You lucky!!!

No rubbing of the eyes for 2 months? Damn, that’s wrong. I’m always rubbing my eyes. But I think for me it’s become more of a tic than a sign of fatigue.

I wonder what happens if you do rub? Seems kind of a weird rule.

Krysten - December 3, 2004 Reply

I found your blog via Sarah Hatter and have read a couple of entries. Good to read about having your eyes done, I’ve been wanting to do the same thing but have not gotten the guts yet!

Have a good day!

willo - December 3, 2004 Reply

Brian it’s not a weird rule – When you get lasik they cut a flap on the front of your eye… so the biggest risk is that you can get an infection under the flap. So rubbing your eyes and doing anything that might harm or disrupt the healing process isn’t recommended!

Hi Krysten! Thanks for saying hello 🙂

Joe - December 4, 2004 Reply

…says Dr.Willo

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