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list lover

List Lover When I first found To Do List Magazine, I ran into the other room and shrilled to Matt “Guess What!? There’s a whole magazine about To Do Lists!!” He could never understand my obsession for to-do lists.. so I think in general he was happy I had found “my people”. I just visited […]

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who’s a web designer/animator? I have the miraculous mis-fortune of having to say no to a whole bunch of freelance work these days. I start thinking I can do it all – I mean, who needs sleep!? Apparently not me cuz it’s already 1:28 in the morning & I’m writing a damn blog about it! […]

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lastnight's workshop was great

Lastnight’s workshop was GREAT! California Lawyers for the Arts is a stand up organization (from what I’ve seen so far, anyway). Our instructor, Billie Audia, was amazing. She’s written several books/articles and has worked in corporate copyright law for a long time. Currently she’s Senior Corporate Counsel for Gap, Inc. I thought a lot of […]

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