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4 Career Path: Hiring or Ready for Your Next Move?

 Career Planning in 60 Seconds, via eskimon  I know a lot of people in the Bay Area, and with that comes meeting some amazingly talented professionals, as well as impressive startups and organizations that have positions to fill with said talented professionals. The thing is, I meet so many people it’s hard to keep track of […]

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4 Weekly Tip: How to Customize your Facebook URL

How to Customize your Facebook URL (vimeo video) The video shows my old Facebook page, WilloToons, but it’s now WilloLovesYou! 🙂 Ever wonder how you can change your Facebook URL, so that it’s not a super long number, and instead it’s something shorter and easier to remember? For example, when you first sign up, your […]

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7 Fear around setting goals

Between developing my Set Goals, Get Organized and Take Action e-course and publishing my Mighty Life List, I have been thinking about goals a lot lately. Specifically, how it can be really scary to set goals. Which is weird, when I think about it, because really they’re just goals. What’s so scary about writing down […]

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3 Twitter Pro Tip

I’m a huge fan of Twitter. I’ve been on since 2006 (account #419, baby!*), all of my friends are on Twitter, and over the years I’ve cultivated so many great new friendships with awesome people around the world. It’s truly my community, and I love it! Note: This is an old screenshot. I’m now @WilloLovesYou […]

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1 Celebrating small wins from the last three years

Listing out your accomplishments is an excellent exercise, if for nothing else to remind you that you can do whatever you put your mind to. So, in celebration of the last 3 years, I’ve made a list below of some of the more notable awesome things that happened: Space Gallery’s ‘Graphic Content’ Show, 2007 Loving […]

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