At the Speed of Life: A cheat sheet on what's up with WilloToons -

At the Speed of Life: A cheat sheet on what's up with WilloToons

Helen Janes awesome scheduleHelen Jane’s awesome chalked-up February calendar. <3


Life has been moving very fast lately. Not necessarily in terms of time-flying-by – because, if anything, I’ve been trying to slow time down – but in terms of big monumental life/career changes? YES.

In January, I made two major announcements:

  1. I transitioned into an advisor role with Storenvy, the startup I joined on with last summer (maybe you missed that announcement, too?). Which, in essence, means I’m not working my butt off full-time at a startup anymore… and I’m diving back into my own business(es) – wahooo! More on this below.
  2. I announced I’m letting go of my apparel line. It’d been a long-time coming, I just hadn’t gotten around to it yet… but really exciting to finally make the declaration. I had a few huge clearance sales and most everything has sold out, or close to it! There’s still a little bit left at the time I’m writing this though, so if you missed it, go see what you can nab before it’s all gone.

I have had a lot of changes happen really fast within about 7 months – let alone the last 30 days – so it’s no wonder it’s been hard for my friends to keep up!

New Directions
For those who have been following closely, you’ll know that I have been making some awesome shifts personally. I have written long posts about my interests and priorities moving forward, but I haven’t quite come out & told the world what I’ve been working on, business-wise. I’m almost there though, as it’s been percolating and coming together over the last month more than ever!

This tweet
, from just a few weeks ago, hints to one of the new projects I’ve got brewing and sums it up perfectly: Super excited and nervous… but mostly excited!

T-minus OMG
So I’ve been planning on launching all of these over the next few weeks, but I’ll be honest with you… right now it feels a little bit impossible. I have SO much to do! But the good news is, it’s not impossible; nothing is. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other and, most importantly, remembering that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Especially considering I’m launching all of this with no budget and simply my own ideas, intention and a few gracious and skilled collaborators. I’m excited for it to be rolled out in all of it’s quite-possibly messy and not-perfect glory!

Life and business are always a work in progress – a constant evolution, if you will – and we simply can’t sweat the small stuff. In fact, I feel it’s our greatest challenge to stay present in the journey and enjoy it for what it is, while we’re in it. I’m really enjoying starting at the beginning. It’s so easy to want to race to the end and see where it goes, see it polished and smooth. But for me, right now, I couldn’t be more excited about learning… and possibly failing… and then learning some more. Anything can happen!

Stay ‘Tooned
Alright, so now that I’ve caught you up on the last 30 days of big news, promise to stick with me over the next fast-paced 30? Hope so.

Subscribe to my newsletter and/or subscribe to my blog via RSS (you can even receive updates via email) to be sure you don’t miss a beat. I will have a few big announcements coming through in the next week or so.

Going to SXSW?
I look forward to catching up with a lot of you in Austin! I’m doing a talk on Saturday and hosting a Craft Makers Meetup on Tuesday, during Interactive and am staying through Music, too. See you there!

UPDATE: Here are all the details (and a fun video) all about my SXSW talk – hope to see you there!

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tiffany | live happy - March 11, 2011 Reply

It’s not impossible: nothing is.

Really, Willo, what else needs to be said?

Great to follow along your journey!!

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