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Doing (aka Creating) requires COMMITMENT. When you're committed to IMPLEMENTING - showing up on behalf of what's coming through you to land your big vision into reality - you're nourishing a healthy RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF; a loving union between your masculine & feminine energy to consciously create the life & business you desire. 

The truth is we're often out of alignment - consciously or unconsciously self-sabotaging - in one or more of these areas [BEING + DOING + HAVING], which prevents us from MANIFESTING the lives and businesses we desire.


Reflection is powerful. Therefore, knowing which of these areas needs your attention right now gives YOU the opportunity to shift your behavior, your mindset, and your capacity to truly expand - thereby moving you forward into your next level.

"We don't know what we don't know."

Are you ready to see what you may not be able to see on your own?

WHY alignment in doing/CREATING is
Vital to Manifesting
the life & business you desire

When OUT of alignment, you're...

Paralyzed in fear


Overwhelmed by chaotic/frantic energy

Foggy & unfocused

Playing small & hiding

Stuck in a waiting pattern

Blaming something or someone else

Distracted & derailed

Recreating the drama/trauma loop

Self-victimizing & powerless

When IN alignment, you have...

The capacity to show up & face your fears

Acceptance of progress over perfection

Comfort in the uncomfortable

Clear & focused on desired outcome

The courage to be visible & seen
Flow states of prolific creation

Healthy self-responsibility & agency

Awareness of consumption vs creation

Not driven by lizard brain/inner critic

Powerful, conscious creator

Does this sound like you?

You are admirably driven and passionate about your work and have no shortage of ideas about how to optimize & enhance your business... but you tend to struggle when it comes to IMPLEMENTATION; actually putting those ideas into action.

You don't do what you do just to get by, and that's because you believe in the power of purpose. You know you are here for a divine reason, which makes it even more frustrating when you can't get your concepts off the ground.


You may find yourself giving into cycles of distraction & procrastination like scrolling endlessly through social media feeds or checking off to-do's unrelated to your business.

You know that releasing your offerings to a wider audience is vital for your business, but your inner critic or perfectionism is interfering with your process of creating.

It can be hard to get back on track once you've gotten derailed.  It might mean rebuilding the courage to put yourself, and your work, out into the world. Or the focus to reassess & revamp your offerings.

Your lack of momentum in this state might be making you feel like you're working "hard" when in reality, you're merely rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

It's no fun being in a holding pattern, hovering around your goals but being unable to touch down and make everything land.

Misalignment in "Doing/Creating" leads to confusion, powerlessness, putting others' needs first, and chronically waiting for "X" to happen before making a move.

The leaders who truly succeed - in life and business - are the ones who COMMIT to their vision, FACE their fears, and come back into ALIGNMENT with themselves over and over again!

If this is where you are, do NOT panic. You've got the ideas, you might even have the plan or the big picture still in your mind... now it's just time to get the wheels in motion again.

It's also important to know that this is a temporary road block that. With the right tools & guidance, you'll no doubt be able to get back in the flow of prolific creation!

When you re-commit to coming back into relationship with your creativity, and rebuild trust in yourself, you get off the hamster wheel of "not enough" and start moving forward with traction! 

It's time to commit to your Calling with full intention.
It's time to take confident heart-centered action towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

if you are here, you ARE
of your next level...

So what's next?

Get Instant Access to the "ON THE PRECIPICE" Masterclass

I want to introduce you to my Embodied Leadership framework, which will help you understand the Trifecta of Alignment required to MANIFEST your vision, expand your capacity for growth, and THRIVE in your life & business. 







I've created a 60-minute Masterclass that will teach you all about the pitfalls of misalignment in "DOING/CREATING" and introduce you to the entire Embodied Leadership trifecta (all the aspects & layers!), so that you can confidently manifest your vision and flourish in your calling!

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In this Masterclass, you'll experience:

  • An eye-opening 60-minute presentation (edited & improved!), walking you through game-changing frameworks that will help you identify where you are aligned and/or misaligned, and WHY it's so crucial that you're integrating these three in order to consciously create the life & business you desire!
  • How to spot the unconscious, pesky, and persistent fears that have you paralyzed or running ragged on "the Hamster Wheel of Not Enough"
  • Guidance on showing up for yourself fully & wholeheartedly so that your business thrives BECAUSE of you, not despite you!
  • An intimate, high-touch experience of facilitation & live coaching with a small group of women business owners, and witness the supportive community formed within just an HOUR of time together
  •  The unique opportunity to learn how you can integrate this work, while receiving guidance, coaching, game-changing perspective, and support on your unique journey of expansion, personally & professionally.


Once you complete your purchase, you'll immediately get to watch this Masterclass. No need to time block your schedule or set a reminder only to cancel or forget about it later. Within minutes of clicking the button above, you'll be on your way to awakening & realigning!

What this Masterclass doesn't include:

  • An invitation to beat yourself up about the phase of business or season of growth you're in, or how you're "broken" or "failing" (because woman, you are anything but)
  • Cheap guru talk about the single, secret key to success (spoiler alert: as appealing as it may sound, it's never just one thing that's missing from the picture)
  • Overly-recycled content or vague, generic talking points that offer little-to-no value (nope, this Masterclass is packed with detailed information that is fresh, enlightening, and we go deeeeeep!)

On the Precipice
of your next level?

"My quiz results said I need to work on DOING/CREATING, but I also want to work on & learn more about alignment in BEING and HAVING, too. Will this Masterclass help me understand all three?"

YES! By the end of this Masterclass, you'll be able to identify what's holding you back in ALL 3 areas so you can confidently manifest your vision & flourish in your calling!

This virtual workshop is tailored to anyone who is ready to have a deeper understanding of the BE, DO, HAVE trifecta that supports growth and paves the way to expansive joy, success, and pleasure in your life & business! 

"I feel stuck when it comes to aspects of my business right now. Am I ready to take in the information from this Masterclass?"

When we're stuck, we need perspective... and just by you being here, you're clearly ready for something to shift!

With growth comes growing pains. Sometimes that comes in the form of  feeling really stuck, frustrated, or lost in the midst of it... but these moments do NOT define you.

I have no doubt that if you take the time to watch this Masterclass, in its entirety, you'll get tremendous value out of it, no matter what stage of 'readiness' you are currently in.

And if you're craving more guidance afterwards, we can help.

"My business is going well right now. Is this still worth my time?"

ABSOLUTELY. Even if you took this quiz out of sheer curiosity, you were obviously still driven to find out more about yourself... and that's always a great thing!

I work with clients who successfully run 6- and 7-figure businesses — and I can promise you there is always room for eye-opening epiphanies and support that helps us improve and level-up personally and professionally. It's all connected.

In fact, the reason why my successful clients continue to expand and level up - in both their income & their leadership - is BECAUSE they've committed to continually working on themselves.

They have called in the help they need to take the kinds of big, scary leaps that bring their businesses to the NEXT level... and it works!

You deserve to experience
the satisfaction of alignment,
the joy of abundance,
& the payoff of expansion.

As a conscious creator and visionary business owner, there is rarely a shortage of ideas.  But when you're out of alignment, that displaced energy tends to block your brilliance from coming through you in its fullest form... and it sometimes takes a heartily flexed muscle to move those mental & emotional obstacles out of your way.

Thankfully, I've had lots of experience flexing that muscle myself over the past 20+ years as an experienced entrepreneur & coach, and it's become my life's work to boost other business owners through seasons of all sorts.

This Masterclass is the perfect way for you to see this instructional wisdom in live action & get a taste of what it's like to receive dynamic, tailored coaching in an intimate setting.

You'll also gain a sense of what it's like to work alongside a collective of other conscious creators, healers, coaches and business owners who will uplift you AND your craft every step of the way.

Being an entrepreneur may call for a fighting spirit, but it doesn't have to be a constant struggle.

Your work in this world is an extension of you, and you deserve to experience the bliss that comes with feeling aligned while sharing your gifts authentically. 

We're here to help unlock & unblock you so that you can finally release your next product, program, or offering into the wild!


"Ever since I started working with Willo, revenue is up, I am getting a steady stream of new clients, and I am currently working on starting to offer courses/workshops and form an online community of people who want help healing.

But I feel most proud of who I have become through this experience. I am showing up for myself in ways I never have before and it feels amazing."

Cassie Seal

Wisdom Healer

"I would say Willo can help change your life, not just your business. She knows how to draw out your inner conflicts, and help you address them for a more fulfilled life and business.

Willo helped me realize that the real work I needed to focus on was the 'story' I was telling myself. I'm now able to recognize and change the dialogue I'm having with myself."

Michal Cheney

Founder of No Drip Painting

"Willo is a mastermind with her work and is so tuned into the spiritual journey that accompanies business development. She really gets the holistic approach - how the person fuels the biz and the biz fuels the person.

Willo strongly held me accountable and pushed me to my edge in a firm yet compassionate way. Now I know I have what it takes to win this game, and thanks to her help, I'm on the right track in creating optimal success!"

Kelley Mountain

Kelley Mountain

Self-Love Coach

"Working with Willo was such a crucial investment for shaping my independent business because she understands the different phases of entrepreneurship and gets that my professional, relational & spiritual growth is all tied together.

Willo gets that what I’m up to is a transformational journey so that I can define success on my own terms, celebrate life and thrive through meaningful work."

Emily Griffin

Experience Designer & Culture Catalyst



If you KNOW you're ready for support right now, I want to offer you a free Alignment Call to discuss your results & what steps you can take next to powerfully move yourself & your business forward. You may even want to watch the Masterclass in preparation for our call, so we have a shared language. Either way, listen to the call within you and take the leap on behalf of the support you're craving.


schedule a private
ALIGNMENT Call with willo sana


what if 30-60 MINS of your time could
dramatically alter the course 
of your LIFE & BUSINESS?

From taking the Alignment Quiz, you now know you're out of alignment in DOING/CREATING, and you may even suspect you are ready to hear more about realigning BEING and HAVING, too (aka stop Upper-Limiting yourself)!

Watching the ON THE PRECIPICE Masterclass - or booking in a private call, if you prefer - will give you deeper, more direct guidance on what to do next with this information and help you navigate any questions that arise!

We're here to upgrade & realign YOU - the powerful creator at the heart of your life & business. 

This WILL light something up & shift something within you, and in my experience, serving thousands of business owners like you, it's precisely these kind of shifts that make the BIGGEST difference. 

Are you ready for expansive growth, inside & out? 

Stop talking about it and start DOING it.


Willo Sana

Willo Sana has been called an Oracle, an Alchemist, a Liberator, and a Doula for Hatching Big Ideas. Her experienced guidance and masterful facilitation of individuals and groups is rooted in compassionate commitment, conscious mindset/behavior rewiring, and channeled energy transmissions, all of which playfully inspire, cultivate, and strengthen our relationship with self/divine spirit.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Willo has continually faced her fears, followed her heart, and founded over half-a-dozen creative businesses over the last 20 years. Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, she serves as a dynamic catalyst for high-profile leaders and rapidly evolving spiritual visionaries – including best-selling authors, TEDx speakers, psychologists, naturopaths, healers, coaches, lightworkers, and more.

Willo's grand vision for creating heaven on earth is that we all wake up and recognize we’ve been uniquely placed here, at this moment in time, to share our unique gifts with each other; thereby cultivating more peace, compassion, and meaningful connection. 

Whether your genius is to love, heal, inspire, transform, teach, or ignite a revolution… NOW is the time!

Her upcoming book, Double Down on Your Genius: Own Your Gifts, Align Your Actions, and Flourish in Your Calling, will be released January 2024.

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