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4th of July 2005

First of all, I forgot to give a shout out to my pretty Mommacita, whose birthday is full of fireworks every year! Happy Birthday, Mom!! xoxo


So I actually managed to go to 3 BBQ’s on Monday – which honestly, due to my raucous night before, I’m surprised I made it! 🙂 But after getting to the first one with a ginger ale in hand, I started feeling much better & was glad I made it out to see everyone!

The first one was Jason’s Annual Grill Your Pants Off BBQ (he has links to more photos there). It was great to see this whole crew again and finally meet Eric‘s new dog, Jerry!

Me w/ Natalie (Eric’s sister) & Jerry (Aaron is in the background)

After Goldman’s BBQ I hit Lulu’s, who lives right over the hill from my house. I met a few cool peeps there, enjoyed Lulu’s tasty homemade BBQ foody creations (my fav was the potato salad), and then headed back over to my little street where my neighbors were having a BBQ.

That pretty much took it out of me and I was ready for movie night!! So we only hung out at the neighbors for a bit and then Chris came over & we watched a bad movie I had layin around… which actually turned out to be not sooo bad. I was just glad to be chillin out after such a rockin weekend! 🙂

View all my 4th of July BBQ photos here.

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