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Registration | RE:CONNECT


As artists and creative entrepreneurs, we (Willo & Mati) have experienced many highs and lows that come with leading a creative life. Over the last few  years, we’ve developed some tried and true ways to find our way back to feeling happy, getting unstuck and finding our way back to the flow in our creativity, and the magic in our lives. In this course, we’ll take you on a journey to get unstuck, and cultivate:

  • more clarity around what you want
  • more peace in/with your body
  • more love and connection with your space and time
  • more connection to play and creativity
  • more passion in all areas of your life!

Are you ready to be guided on a path to feel
more nurtured, at peace, alive & connected to the joy and magic in your life?

We will be guiding you through all of this nourishing and inspiring content, sharing our experiences as artists and creative entrepreneurs with posts, videos, recordings, and heartfelt community conversation. We’re also delighted to be joined by seven magical women, all experts in their fields! Here’s all the juicy content waiting for you…

ReConnect with your Intention through Writing

jen-sm Jen Louden is so beautifully open, vulnerable, and CONNECTED (all caps) to the wisdom that is flowing through her, and her contribution to ReConnect is a true reflection of her gifts. Sharing this light with us, she will inspire you to listen carefully and closely to your heart, and cultivate a deep compassion for your Self as you walk this path.
laurie-sm Professional writing guide, Laurie Wagner, walks us through several simple ways to get – and keep – your pen on the paper, and to create the work and life you desire. A cornerstone of this course, her inspiring prompts will provide you easy ways to access your creative flow that you can come back to for the rest of your life. Talk about magic… this woman!

ReConnect with your Body

marianne-sm Marianne Elliott designed a practice for us to help you reconnect with your body and – through a deeper connection to your body – to reconnect to your true creative self. She shares a beautiful welcome letter to introduce you to the work, and then gently guides you through a restorative 45-minute yoga practice that you’ll be able to watch throughout the course, and beyond!
rachel-sm Rachel Cole‘s ability to get to the heart of our connection with our bodies is summarized in one rich and provocative question, “What are you Truly hungry for?” All 3 of us sit down in this intimate conversation at Teahouse Studio and talk about the challenging relationships we have with our own bodies, and how to find our way back to a loving relationship when we’re feeling completely disconnected and discouraged.

ReConnect with your Creativity

flora-sm Mati’s interview with Flora Bowley is awe-inspiring! So many beautiful words of wisdom from this talented painter about how to set the stage to allow creativity to come through. Flora has a deep connection to body, mind, and spirit, and it comes through in her teaching, painting and in her insightful contribution to our course. If you’re wanting support around clearing space for your creativity to come through, this is one you won’t want to miss.
mati-sm Artist & author of Daring Adventures in Paint, Mati Rose McDonough, guides you through an amazing exploration into your creativity; inspiring you to play and get into the flow! Get ready to feel like a kid again and be reminded of how sweet and vital this connection is to feeling the magic in your life.

ReConnect with your Space

molly-sm Molly Graves shares her amazing practical tips for decluttering, organizing and staying in love with your space (and the girl is adorable and hilarious… so it’s fun!). Willo & Molly also have a deeper conversation around how we hold our space emotionally, and how that relates to how we hold time in our lives.
willo-mati-sm We (Mati Rose McDonough & Willo O’Brien) have navigated the murky waters of feeling disconnected to ourselves, our space, and our creativity. In this course we share the incredibly supportive practices we’ve integrated and rely on to help us reconnect, get unstuck and find our way back to the flow in our creativity, and the magic in our lives!

ReConnect with your Passion (& Staying Connected)

willo-sm When life gets busy, and our jobs and caring for others seem to take priority, how do we keep coming back to the ways we know will support us in staying connected? Lucky for us we have inspiring teacher and Creative Sustainability coach, Willo O’Brien, sharing her Creative Lifehacks for Staying Connected.
helen-sm For anyone who has struggled with comparison, or who has been tormented by a mean inner critic (aka “lizard brain”) that’s dead set on making us believe we can’t do it, you will love this fun interview with publishing/celebrating rockstar, Helen Jane Hearn. We discuss discovering our triggers, how she integrates creative play and writing to help her stay connected, and more.

See our Frequently Asked Questions & page of Testimonials for more!

“What has been most powerful for me in this course has been the awareness that writing and creativity are actually ‘needs’ and not ‘luxuries’ for me. I am so grateful for this. So so grateful.” – Victoria

The feedback from this course has been a resounding, “This is exactly what I needed!” and we’ve been so incredibly honored to hold this space for so many beautiful souls.

Sorry, registration for ReConnect is now closed.

Please sign up on our notification list, and we’ll keep you posted about the next one!

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This course is perfect for you if…

  • you’re feeling stuck, burnt out or overwhelmed from work or other stressful life events
  • you if you have big ideas, small ideas, no ideas, and you want to reconnect and unleash your creativity
  • you could use to slow down, reconnect with your body, the space and beauty in your life
  • you have given so much you have no time left for yourself
  • you want to dive deep, or simply want to get out of the normal day-to-day rut
  • you love to write, or want to reconnect with your writing more
  • you feel like it’s time to declutter, physically and emotionally
  • you love yoga, or have never done it, and may be a little nervous
  • you feel like something needs to change, but aren’t sure where to start

Or if you simply love the work & message from these amazing creative women… this course is for you!

Guess what? We have one more gift for you!

When you register, you will receive a high-res file of Mati’s ‘Show the World your Magic’ to download, print, frame and hang anywhere you’d like! Additionally, we’ll include a special code for a sweet deal on the full color (fabulously raspberry) 8 x 11 archival print, and anything else you’d like from Mati’s Etsy shop.


Praise for ReConnect

Claire at Schipol“Shortly after I signed up for ReConnect, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Suddenly, my world changed and became filled with tests, doctors’ appointments (surgeons, oncologists, etc.), and a lot of medical jargon that was new to me (even though I work in the health care field).  One of my New Year’s resolutions in 2012 was to experience new things . . . this was not what I had in mind! Despite everything that was going on and the swirl of emotions I was dealing with, each day I checked into the ReConnect website to enjoy a new offering.  Some days, I just didn’t have the energy to watch and/or fully listen to the videos, yet I found great comfort in the beautiful and inspiring images you shared and the supportive and thoughtful posts of other ReConnect participants.  I was also touched by the women who so bravely shared their tragedies and triumphs.  It helped me realize that although I could not control the circumstances, I could control how I responded to them. This past Saturday, I completed my last radiation treatment!  I am cancer free and energized to use this experience to fuel my creativity and spend more time in my craft room doing what I enjoy most. Wishing you all the very best in 2013. Thank you for offering ReConnect and providing such a welcoming, supportive forum.” – Claire McDonald divider-yellow2 “I think the most critical element of this course has thus far been the focus on being compassionate with myself. That’s never been one of my strengths, and I’ve turned my high standards outward as well. Something clicked for me the other day, and I suddenly understood that putting so much pressure on myself prevents me from getting what I want. Suddenly, working on my resume is less daunting. Suddenly, getting the back room organized is less daunting. I feel kinder and gentler, both with myself and with others, and my silliness is flowing easily. I’ve done a decent job of writing regularly, and although I aspire to be more consistent about it, I recognize each tiny success. Yay!” – Kristen C. divider-yellow-star photo 1-3 “In the September/October (2012) course, I learned to be okay with the unknown and trust that in time I would find the answers I needed. It worked! My magic is back in full swing. In the last week of the course, I took a huge leap toward my dream and applied for a solo art show. I signed the contract this week and my art will be displayed at a local cafe/gallery for the month of May 2013. Thank you both for the inspiration, motivation and tools to help me connect with myself and my dreams again. I will forever be grateful for the experience.” Photo 2-3Update from Carrie, May 2013: “I’ve said it before, but I had to say it again – - thank you for the ReConnect course. I hung my first art show today! I took the leap to apply for the show because of Re:Connect. Your inspiration and encouragement helped me find my dream and move toward it. I am so grateful for the magic you share with the world. Thank you again!” Carrie Payne BelieveMagic.com divider-yellow2 Diem Dangers“Thank you so much again for this wonderful e-course! The best thing I liked about ReConnect was how I felt part of a group of people who all were reading, viewing and reflecting on the same thing and how we could respond to each other’s comments. It kept me motivated to stay connected and to continue to program. It was ideal for me to have it be online because I have a toddler who has an unpredictable schedule so I could just log on anytime I wanted. My favorite lesson was Jennifer Louden’s… because of that, I ended up looking at her website and her Shero’s Journey, which lead me to find Susannah Conway, artist-photographer, whom I really love and I ended up buying one of her books. I also loved Mati’s interview with Flora Bowley and as a result, I ended up getting one of Flora’s books. So the whole process birthed other processes and I am still working through different workbooks as a result of your course, which has enabled me to stay connected to my Artist-Self; the whole reason why I decided to take the course in the first place. So it was totally worth it!   I suppose what has stayed with me is the self-knowledge that I work much better as part of a collective group than trying to work things out on my own – especially and specifically regarding my development as an artist and sense of self-identity as an artist. It was very reassuring to see others are also struggling (or “dancing”!) with similar thoughts and issues of their own. Now when I think about what would push me to keep going, I know it means finding or being part of a group… even if it is an online group.” -Diem Dangers

Read more Testimonials from ReConnect alumni →

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