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Frequently Asked Questions | RE:CONNECT

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? 

We believe this course is for you if you feel lost or stuck. We believe this course is for you if you’ve found what you love to do so much, that you’ve become a passionate workaholic, and now you need to rejuvenate. We believe this course is for you if you give so much to your family that you have no time for yourself. This course is for you if you have big ideas, small ideas, no ideas and you want to reconnect and unleash your creativity. This course is for you if you want to dive deep, or simply want guidance to get out of the normal day-to-day rut.  If you want to wake up and live! This course is for you if you appreciate in the power of intention. If you love to write. If you want to write. This is for you if you love yoga, and for those who have never done it, and may be a little nervous. Those who feel like something needs to change, but aren’t sure where to start. This course is for all of you who have felt a passion in your life and want to bring it back to center. This course is for you.

What are the dates of the course?

Our Summer Special course started on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013. If you missed this one, be sure to sign up on our notification list to hear about our next run!

* = required field

What does the course include?

We have posted a complete list of what you will experience and receive during this jam-packed-with-awesome ecourse. It’s chock full of goodies!

Where is this course located? 

This is an online ecourse. That means you can live or be anywhere in the world and participate at your leisure!

I signed up on the waiting list and/or have registered for the course, but I still haven’t heard anything. 

Sit tight… you will be hearing from us soon. If you haven’t heard from us by the time your course is scheduled to start, then we may be caught in a spam filter or don’t have your correct email. Please contact us so we can take care of that.

Note: If you have already registered, and haven’t heard from us, we will automatically send all course correspondence to your PayPal email address. If you’d like to change this email address, please let us know!

How does one take/access the course?   

You will be sent course posts/updates via email, and you access the course through your unique account. There will also be a live call, and the opportunity to communicate with fellow participants!

This course is completely at your leisure.  Go at your own pace and participate as much, or as little, as you would like.

What materials will I need?

We only ask that you have a notebook dedicated to this course that you can write, doodle, draw and take notes in. Additionally, for the week of ReConnecting to Your Creativity, we would love you to have something to choose color with: crayons, colored pencils, markers, pastels or paints all work! Even cheap ones from the corner store. It’s fun to play with color in any form.

How long will I have access to the content?

You’ll have a full 2 months to read, listen, revisit and soak up all of this inspiring content. Your log-in for the Summer Special course will stop working on October 7th.

What else? 

We’re here if you have more questions… send us an email & we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, or sooner.