About Mati & Willo

MatiRose-WilloOver the last few years, we have been taking hikes, meeting for yoga, and talking out all of the highs & lows of being creative small business owners. In a word, we have continually supported each other in reconnecting.

Throughout this time, we have occasionally felt stuck or uninspired ourselves, and have developed ways to compassionately guide ourselves back into the creative flow. We want to support others who resonate with the importance of being connected to the passion in their lives, and those who simply feel they could use a little more magic.

In this ReConnect eCourse, we share what we’ve learned as artists and creative entrepreneurs, in our journey to stay connected. We also call upon the wisdom of some of our favorite artists, coaches and teachers, who are experts in their fields. It’s truly an honor to have their contributions, and be collaborating with them on delivering this valuable information to support other creative artists, makers, movers & shakers out there!

This is the course we wish we had two years ago, and we’re confident the lessons within will serve you for years to come. We hope you join us!

Mati & Willo


Before this course came to be, it had actually been in the works for nine months. So you can imagine our excitement having it finally come to light!

Here’s a little more insight into how this course came to be. We’ve also said a bit more about what where we’ve been and what’s led us here, over on our blogs. Take a gander:

If you relate to our stories, we’d love to hear from you.

We look forward to having you on this adventure with us! <3