Thanks to the talented Whit Scott, who graciously video-taped our core-convo at SXSW, Snappy Strategies for Selling Art & Crafts Online, we have a video of the entire hour!

Now, before you dive in, let me preface this by warning you it may be best to just download the video to your computer (right click & save as), instead of streaming it. Because it’s 68 minutes long, depending on your connection, you may experience lags in the streaming that make you want to throw your computer out the window, and we wouldn’t want that! :p

I know many of you weren’t able to attend and/or couldn’t get in, because it was so packed, so I hope that this video is of help! I also recently found a blog that did a writeup of our convo & summarized it well. Check it out here: Art&Seek – SXSW: Sell Your Art Online

I plan to watch it again & write down notes & links, etc, but I don’t have time today… so I thought it better to just post it up now! If you watch it and/or were there & want to leave a comment with your feedback and/or links to your shops/sites/etc, please do so!

Thanks again to all of you who were there. I’m so happy you joined us and had the opportunity to feel the supportive crafty/selling community, and join in the conversation, first hand!