How To Cut Your Tee

I love American Apparel’s 2001 Classic Girl style, but personally don’t like the tight hugging neckline, so I prefer to cut my shirts. Maybe you’ve seen this on someone & wondered just how to go about it so that you don’t ruin your shirt? Or maybe you like one of the tees in my shop, but wish it was a more feminine cut? If so, this tutorial should help!

What you’ll need:

  • Your fabulous new WilloToons tee (that you don’t plan to return, because we won’t accept returns on cut up shirts.)
  • A pair of scissors

  1. Carefully cut into the neckline’s back seam to get started. Because it’s thick, it’s easy to accidently cut in deeper than you mean to, so cut this part as slow and steady as possible, as to not cut too far in. This is why I start at the back. :)

  2. Trim around the top of the shirt, as closely as you can to the seam. Warning: Don’t get confused and start cutting along the shoulder seam. Be sure to stick to cutting just around the neckline.

  3. Clean up any jagged or uneven edges. Since the neckline is most visible, it’s good to cut these before you wash the shirt.

  4. Now on to the arms! Hold the seams together & cut. These don’t have to be perfectly cut, as they roll well after being washed.

  5. Now on to the bottom seam of the shirt. You can either cut the entire bottom hem off, or what I have started to do is just trim the very bottom fold. I do this because sometimes the curling can actually make your shirt ride up a few inches more than necessary, and keeping that bottom hem in place helps from it not rolling too much – and yet still gives you frayed/curled edge look.
    Plus, if you find you don’t like this, you can always go back & trim it off all together and wash it again!

  6. Stick it in the laundry!
    Washing (I recommend cold water) & drying it makes the edges curl
    all pretty like.

  7. The finished product!

Now that you’ve created your own custom cut tee, please send me some photos or add them to the willotoons flickr group!

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