Celebrating small wins from the last three years

Ferry Building
Listing out your accomplishments is an excellent exercise, if for nothing else to remind you that you can do whatever you put your mind to. So, in celebration of the last 3 years, I’ve made a list below of some of the more notable awesome things that happened:

  • Space Gallery’s ‘Graphic Content’ Show, 2007
  • Loving You Gallery Show, 2008 and 2010
  • Amazing Press, including: Josh Spear, Cool Mom Picks, Poppytalk, Eco-Fabulous, Geek Sugar, Mighty Goods, Urban Baby, Oh My That’s Awesome and being interviewed for SFist, T-Shirt Magazine, Amex Open Forum, Inflection Points, Drummer Girl Mag and more. See Press page.
  • Selling my line in some of my favorite local boutiques: Still Life, RAG, Perch, Modern Mouse
  • Having my friend Tim Ferris wear a rock squirrel tee in his Wired.com interview. Check it out
  • Having my friend Laura Albert (aka JT Leroy) wear her ‘i’m just a little bit famous’ tee in a Rolling Stone interview (Nov/Dec 2007) and it getting a mention in the article.
  • Taking my experience & knowledge and having the opportunity to speak at SXSW, Summit of Awesome, Fashion Business, Inc. and many more.
  • Selling my line to customers all over the world…. 10 different countries & counting! This includes how awesome it was to travel to over 7 different cities around the country and sell at super fun indie shows, like Renegade, Unique LA, Blogworld and more.
  • Having hundreds of WilloToons fans from all over the world send me amazing testimonials and photos of them happy in my tees, kiddo gear and jewelry.
  • Obtaining a grant and a free year of office space and coaching as a part of the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center’s Incubator program. See summary post.
  • Illustrating a custom, limited-edition t-shirt for Microsoft’s Expression 3/Silverlight 3 Launch Event in San Francisco.
  • Illustrating the adorable Phineas Brizzly Bear, and seeing Brizzly sell to AOL.
  • Founding and/or being an integral part in several amazing creative collaborations.

Not bad! I’m probably even forgetting a few major things.

The gift is the journey
Personally, I love how much I’ve learned over the last three years. I’ve truly grown personally and professionally in immeasurable ways. Moreover, one of the greatest gifts of all has been connecting with thousands of people around the world.

It makes me happy knowing that I’ve touched lives in some way. That by my following my heart, and creating something, it had a ripple effect out into the world. Now that’s something to write home about.


Acknowledge accomplishments
Stop and take a minute to write down 10 things that you’ve accomplished in the last year, or the last few years. They don’t all have to be professional/career oriented either, they can be varied. Maybe it’s something you didn’t even plan to do, or didn’t think you could do, but ended up succeeding. See what comes to mind. It’s a powerful exercise in helping erase self-doubt, and reminding yourself: you are awesome!

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One Response to Celebrating small wins from the last three years

  1. Steve says:

    Well done Willo! Its so easy to see things from a negative perspective…like, “I haven’t done enough”, etc…to be overly self-critical. I see it frequently when doing portraits for people. All they see is what they don’t like about their features or posture even though the image may be amazingly awesome. Its frustrating…but I do it too.

    Its great to see you blogging about what you’ve achieved and the power of being true to one’s heart…about the positive stuff going on in your life. It took me a long time to understand the real meaning of “be positive”.

    Keep rockin’ Miss.

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