rainy day

Nothing like waking up the sound of rain just *coming down* like crazy outside… the wind blowing so hard you can hear it bustling throught the trees and pelting the rain against the windows, pattering and pounding to be let in. I literally lied in bed thinking it very well has flooded the city so much that it might start seeping into my windows like a sinking ship.

Only a few hours into the morning I’ve spoken with three different people who have floods in their homes!

update: Wow – check out these photos from today on SFGate!

Speaking of rain – here’s a video (starring kazoobie, too!) I took of it raining hard a couple weeks back…. that’s pretty much what it was like this morning.


Appropriately for this horrible weather, I have a total chest cold goin on. I think it is literally from that cold I had about 2 weeks ago, that maybe was just dormant in my system – cuz I usually never just come straight into a chest cold w/o going through the build up phase (sore throat, stuffy head) first. This just hit me and all of a sudden I’m coughing up a storm. Total bummer considering all the shows I have this week! But I’m determined to kick it. Lucky for me “my boss” lets me sleep in & come into work late ;)

Here’s to cuddling up all cozy, turning the heat on & making some hot tea!

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4 Responses to rainy day

  1. Rx says:

    i’m coming over with tiny pastries, which i will feed to you off bamboo skewers… you know, just so we don’t cross contaminate.

    feel better darling girl.

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